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Producers now can directly earn from TikTok videos

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Currently, the worldwide number of TikTok users is more than 100 crore. Since the inception of TikTok, many people have become viral overnight by utilising the social media platform, which has turned them into stars and paved the way for them to utilise this fandom in other aspects of their lives. 

Under a new initiative, a new feature has been added to TikTok known as 'PayWall Video,' where content creators can post their selected content. For watching these videos, the content creators will be able to retrieve a sum of 1 US dollar from each viewer, which equates to the fact that if the viewer pays the required amount of money, only then will they get access to the content.

TikTok has also been working to re-establish the creator fund. Previously created in 2020, the creator fund didn’t bring in as much money as TikTok expected. 

This system allows future content creators to earn more money through the creator fund. 

But this advantage will only be available to content creators with many views on their content. At present, in France and Brazil, an experimental launch of the creator fund has taken place, and it is supposed to be launched in other countries in the world, judging by the success in these countries.

Many other social media platforms have already launched programs in the past when it comes to earning directly from the use of these platforms. 

For example, Instagram launched a program called 'Gifts,' which paved the way for many content creators to earn money. Using this program, the content creators will be directly able to earn money, as the viewers who watch the content will be entitled to pay for them.

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