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6 Yards Story

Rewriting the story of modern jewellery in traditional style

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The name '6 Yards Story' reveals something about saris. Well, if you got that notion from the name, you aren't wrong. However, modern jewellery of traditional style has found their places with those stories of 6 yards of clothing. Already boasting well over a hundred thousand followers, the page devoted to the marketing of saris and jewellery has seen significant success.

The Facebook page and the online business started from the page were both created by a courageous Bangladeshi woman, Zerin Tasnim Khan Lora. She is a young architect, designer, and entrepreneur. In a conversation with the Financial Express, she narrated the journey of '6 Yards Story' and shared many unknown facts.

"It began in 2014. I was a student in the architecture department at Brac University at the time. I invited several of my friends to my home in Sirajganj. Numerous local weavers known as 'tati' produced saris there."

Her guests desired to visit the weavers' houses, so she escorted them there. "All of them purchased multiple cotton saris from the artisans."

Friends of Zerin, shocked that such beautiful saris were being sold for such low prices, suggested an initiative to sell those in Dhaka.

"I subsequently started a Facebook page. I called my startup '6 Yards Story' since saris are typically six yards long. I used to share pictures of my friends wearing the saris on Facebook. Later, I began to receive good responses," that's how Zerin described the beginning of her journey.

Sari is incomplete without jewellery

Nonetheless, a sari must be complemented by certain accessories. Zerin's collection of antique jewellery included a few pieces. The models would wear these during photoshoots. Zerin stated that, after some time, she observed that her clients were interested in purchasing jewellery. The jewellery piqued their interest even more than the saris. Then she began designing them.

Over the last eight years, the demand for the jewellery of 6 Yards Story has gradually increased. Zerin's company is entirely online. She does not yet have a store. She creates all of the saris and jewellery herself. She currently has eight competent craftsmen working with her. The platform now sells jewellery composed of bronze, silver, and gold. Diamond ornaments have recently been added to the list.

Adding a human touch

Zerin Tasnim Khan launched a different initiative in March-April 2020 when Bangladesh was dealing with a corona pandemic. There were no sari or jewellery orders. Suppliers were also stranded at home. During the lockdown, many people, according to Zerin, were unable to obtain vital medications. Then, starting with 6 Yards Story, they began delivering medicines to customers' homes based on their needs.

"This helped a lot of people. In addition, our deliverymen found jobs. We offered the services for four months," Zerin explained. Her initiative also included adding notes to the gifts. "Adding personalised notes splashed a human touch during those tough times. Getting customised notes from the loved ones added colours to the life of the people when true normalcy seemed in distant vision."

Staying on the trend

According to Zerin, to be successful in an online startup, one must always be in the spotlight. That includes keeping the products on the page up to date; otherwise, people may forget. However, does she have plans to go offline with her business?

"I don't want to go offline. Winning the hearts and minds of the customers through the brand matters most for me," Zerin replied.

According to her, hard work and dedication are the winning formulas for being a successful entrepreneur. "My devotion to work revolves around being focused and trying my best to design jewellery for every fashion aficionado." She also tries to remain inclusive about the price range.

The anthem of 6 Yards Story reverberates across the fashion industry in the country by representing traditional jewellery with a modern touch. Many Bangladeshi celebrities also wear this brand in many prestigious award functions. "I think 6 Yards Story stands out of the crowd by creating a shared awareness about the Bangladeshi representation," Zerin concluded with optimism to go beyond any defined limit of success.

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