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Roller Coaster ice cream: Unique look, natural ingredients, authentic taste

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Everyone has heard of roller coasters, but roller coaster ice cream is a new thing to people. It's a type of ice cream made on the surface of a chilled rolling machine hence the name.

The origin

This ice cream originated in India. It was first introduced in Gujarat and then moved to Mumbai. It was invented to make ice cream without using a refrigerator or electricity. As a result, the profit margin increased. 

This item took the streets of Pakistan and Dubai too. Recently, it arrived in Bangladesh. It can be found in a couple of places in Dhaka -- the Ghatpar area in Basundhara and Baridhara. Also, this ice cream is gaining huge popularity in other cities like Khulna and Rajshahi.

The roller

The main attraction of this ice cream is the gigantic machine on which the ice cream is made. There is a cylindrical roller-shaped chamber which is filled with ice and salt. Salt is added to decrease the melting rate of ice. 

This roller is hung and rolled continuously. The roller's temperature is maintained between -35° to -40° celsius.

The making

The traditional and authentic way to make this ice cream includes fresh and juicy fruits such as mango, orange, pineapple, banana, and dragon fruit. Fruits are rubbed and squeezed over the surface, and the ice cream maker spreads them using his hand (wearing hand gloves). 

Fresh malai, milk, and condensed milk are also spread. No extra additives, flavour, colour, or sweetness are added. 

On the chilled surface, the ingredients get frozen and become ice cream. Then the ice cream maker scrapes the ice cream with a scraper and serves it. 

There are other flavours like pistachio, cashew, saffron, etc. The ice cream maker divides each section of the roller for different flavours with vibrant colours. Served on small plates or cones, this ice cream looks unique compared to regular ones.

Dhakaiya roller coaster ice cream

In Dhaka, roller coaster ice cream is prepared both in authentic and modified ways. A place called 'Ice and Sip' in Bashundhara sells it differently. The process is the same, but they do not use fresh fruits; rather, they use artificial flavour and malai. They also spread four kinds of nuts. 

The most popular flavours are strawberry and pistachio. The maker in a red costume and cap, along with sunglass, looks as exquisite as the ice cream itself.  

Another seller near Baridhara sells this ice cream traditionally. He uses Bangladeshi seasonal fruits like blackberry (jam) and jackfruit. The price of this ice cream starts from Tk 50.


The taste of this ice cream is not similar to regular ice cream. It is more sweet and light. As no flavour is added, the smell is subtle, and the flavours are soothing, not overpowering. Since no artificial colour or flavour is added, it can be considered a healthy option for ice cream lovers.

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