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Satisfy your soul to become a successful content creator

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For content marketing platforms like social media or blogs, a content creator produces written, audio, or visual content. Content can be a video on social media, an Instagram testimonial, or a blog post for any website. Your content must have an end goal in mind before creating.

Content creators mainly focus on a niche. They think of a category audience and make their content according to that theme. For example, if the content creator is targeting to make videos for food lovers, then s/he needs to create only food-related content.

They are often into multiple types of digital content, including text, video, and images.

Content creators make their content with their creativity and want to bring something new. They aim to produce good-looking content that generates traffic, followers, or leads. For this, they work on thinking about delivering content that will work best for attracting audiences, platforms, and strategy.

They need to understand Digital Marketing strategy, and the content must serve a purpose.

Experienced content creators are comfortable with their work and get more traffic. This way, they can establish their work professionally.

If you are a freelancer content creator, you will have all the opportunities to create multiple types of content for various clients. It will help you explore more and gain work experience in different fields.

How creative ideas are generated

Rakin Absar is a professional content creator. He is a comedian and focuses on entertaining audiences with his content. He shared his journey in this field with the writer.

''In 2013, I started making youtube videos without purpose. I was a teenager, and it was mainly a social experiment with my partner. After much effort and dedication, people started to love my work."

"For the last three years, I got many positive responses from my audience. Becoming famous through your content has many perks. People will admire you in public gatherings. Though I am getting less privacy in public places, I am enjoying this recognition as a public figure,'' Rakin added.

Creativity is nothing but the essence of unique ideas. And Rakin shared how the smallest things even spark his creativity.

''I am a dog lover. I get my creative thoughts while walking with my pet dog, showering, and having two to three cups of coffee. My mind is very loud when I feel sad or quiet at midnight. At that moment, I talk to my soul, which gives me the most creative content ideas I give to my audiences,'' he added.

Rakin has many tips to share with newcomers. The most crucial one is to stay updated with the surroundings and trending topics. In addition, they need to remain aware of the changes in how audiences use digital channels.

You need to read and research more regarding your niche and try to recognise potential viral content. Also, follow some content creators working well and making viral content.

'' Do not just run for the money at first. This will not help you to grow. Instead, do it to express your creative mind. Your creativity will attract money if you do the work from the soul. When you are satisfied with your creativity, you will start loving this field and shine fast,'' Rakin Absar advised.

Kaarina Kaisar is an entrepreneur and owner of a production house named 'House of Chaos'. She rose to fame on 'Daekho' through some hilarious video representations of everyday life and our city's struggles. She shared some advice for newcomers in this sector with the scribe.

''Content creating is a burnout industry of your creative energy. If you just run after trends and views, you will lose the hope and energy to grow more. You will shine more in this sector by making videos to satisfy your hunger."

"I also used to listen to myself and made content that suits my soul. I love to make people laugh and satisfy my soul; that's why I shined in this sector as a comedian,'' Kaarina remarked.

''Yeah, if you follow the path of trendy content, you will get thousands of likes and views. But this will harm your health. You need to remain active with current affairs to make trendy content."

She warned that it might not be sustainable to continue in this industry without self-satisfaction. 

"When you are feeling low and finding no more hope in this sector, try taking a one-month break and start again if you want. But, do not do it for others' satisfaction, and do not run after money. When your soul and creativity make a bond, success is not far,'' Kaarina concluded.

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