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Which day is better for outing, Eid day or the day after Eid

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After nearly two years, the Eid-ul-Fitr is being celebrated without any COVID-19 restrictions. A festive mood is lingering in the scorching summer days, and the Dhaka residents are eagerly waiting for the Eid.

However, the question remains - which day is better for the outing - the Eid day, or the day after? The writer has talked to some Dhaka residents in this regard as Dhaka is getting lighter with the exodus of home-bound people.

Lamiya Nahar Eitu is a student at the Department of Communication Disorders of Dhaka University. She prefers to go out on the day after Eid.

"If we are talking about going out with family or friends, then the day after Eid is much preferable to me because, on the Eid day, we usually expect guests and relatives to come and visit our house. And our visit to them mostly depends on invitations in reality. Unless we have invitations, we usually go out the day after.”

Tahmid Khan, a third-year student of the Department of Economics at the Dhaka University (DU) is firm in his belief that going out on both days is pleasant.

He told the writer, “Definitely both the Eid day and the day after are good for the outing, it is just that the outing spots vary depending on the day. For free delicious foods and salami, going to the relatives’ houses on Eid day is the best option. If you want to visit your friends’ houses or go out with them, go on the next day.”

However, his opinion changes a bit when it involves busy parents, “Well, if you have busy parents whom you do not spend time with a lot, then you should stay at home on Eid to spend some quality time with your parents.”

“It is more important to celebrate the most awaited festival of the year with your parents. You can visit relatives or friends the next day.”

Jihadul Islam is a sophomore at the Department of International Relations at Dhaka University, who gave the same opinion.

“Nearly all our special dishes are prepared for the Eid, so the chance of getting to taste such delicious dishes is higher on that day.”

“On the other hand,” he says, “many random people come to visit on Eid day, so we get less salami on that day. So, I think visiting the relatives’ houses on the day after Eid is better while visiting the neighbours is better for Eid day. That way we can ensure both good food and good salami!”

Ahnaf Kabir thinks that our decision to go out should be decided after considering our health. He thinks that Eid day is for relaxing after a month of fasting, as our body needs time to recover and adjust to the new circumstances.

"I think the second day is better, as one needs to relax after Ramadan. On the second or third day, you remain refreshed so you can visit your relatives and friends, as in during eid day your body is witnessing a change after many days. You are not fasting. It is alright to let your body adapt to change and rest that day," said the class 12 student at the SFX GreenHerald international school,

Md Asim Hossain, a student of Dhaka Commerce College, also thinks that going out on the day after Eid is better. He has his detailed explanation of why Eid day is less of a choice.

“There is much work to be done on the Eid day, like going to Eid jamaat. It gets about eleven o’clock just to come back from the maidan and finish all the pleasantries. And since there can be other guests arriving too, going to someone’s house without prior notice is not a good thing.”

Unless there is a fixed invitation on Eid day, it is not a wise idea to go out to visit someone on the day, thinks Asim. That would also allow the hosts to tend to higher priority guests.”

But when it comes to the friends’ going out, he thinks that Eid day afternoons work too, “Going to meet with your friends in a surprise outing can work at around three o’clock or three-thirty. Afternoons and evenings are good for addas.”

Muhammad Ahad Al Munem, a sophomore at DU Economics is of a different opinion.

“If everyone stays home on Eid, then goes out to visit others on the next day, no one is meeting others - everyone is out! So, we should start our visiting mission on Eid day, and keep visiting our friends and families for the next two or three days. That way, festivities will go on.”

Imran Ahmed Runel is currently employed at a private company. The father of a sweet little daughter has no difference in going out on either day. He said, “Going out on Eid is a must for me. I have been celebrating Eid in Dhaka since my birth. I would suffocate if I stayed home on that day.”

But he thinks that it is better to visit any theme park or restaurant on the day after Eid.

Sumaya Binte Junnat, lecturer of Management and Information Systems at the Green University, is indifferent about either day as well. In her words, “Both days are good for my family actually because we plan to visit at most two places - be it our relatives or to plan any outing during those holidays. So we are good either way.”

So, when to go out on Eid is up to your convenience and choice. So, it is important to embrace the festive mood and shower in the blessing of the holy Eid-ul-Fitr and appreciate life with family, relatives and friends in any way that suits you the most.

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