Why you should read Stephen King

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If you are someone with even the slightest of exposure to popular culture, chances are you've heard the name of Stephen King.

He has been one of the most influential writers in the global arena for quite some time now. The breakthrough came through his Novel ‘Carrie’ which he had no intention of publishing. He, nonetheless, sent that to a publisher, being tired of his wife Tabita's constant nagging and insistence.

Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, a crime-fiction, is the most matchless instance in this regard. This novella was adapted into a major film, which is regarded as one of the most magnificent movies ever created.

The idiosyncrasy of King lies in his ability to create a cosy and familiar atmosphere. With that, he crafts abrupt eerie turns, much to the confoundment of the reader.

The protagonist is always someone the reader can personally relate to a level. Besides, the supernatural beings and demons he portrays are often the projections of our inner psyche. For example, The Shining, one of his novels, is open to both interpretations from a supernatural and a psychological vantage.

King is regarded as one of the greatest writers of the genres, supernatural and horror fiction. Critics have drawn comparisons with HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe (there is even an Epic Rap Battles of History episode of the later comparison), but a few of his notable works have been from a different genre.

Besides, IT, Carrie and most of his other novels, apart from the ones having the obvious supernatural elements, show some of the moral and religious degeneracies of the society.

King usually is quite adept at alluding to the gory details in a way that makes the readers keep turning pages instead of leaving them traumatised and disgusted.

Despite his novels mostly being set in his home state of Maine, his global recognition is a testament to his ability to create a unique atmosphere that, in ways, is universal.

His works act as escape zones whenever the monotony of the real world gets the best of us. We feel the urge to delve into a surreal and mystic world, which Mr King is adroit at contriving.

Most of his works have been transformed into films. While the adaptations were commended by many, thanks to Stanley Kubrick's genius, those received criticisms too for not doing justice to the book.

The renowned filmmaker got into a dispute with King after altering a lot of details from King's book while making a movie adaptation of The Shining. Nonetheless, the movie was a huge success.

King has a far-reaching impact on popular culture and this is probably the highest anyone has wielded in this genre since Poe and Lovecraft.

A rainy day, a King's novel and a freshly brewed cup of coffee is probably the best combination to accompany your break time; the much-needed break we need from hectic day-to-day routine.


Rassiq Aziz Kabir is a sophomore majoring in Economics at the University of Dhaka.

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