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Clash over a football match at JU, 30 injured

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Attacks, clashes, chases and shop vandalism took place between the residential students of AFM Kamaluddin Hall and Mowlana Bhasani Hall centred around the inter-hall football competition at Jahangirnagar University yesterday. Approximately 30 students were injured in the incident. 

On Tuesday (December 6), from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, the clash occurred in the Bottola area of the university. 

Bricks were thrown between two sides. The shops adjacent to Kamaluddin and Bhasani Hall were extensively vandalised. 

Chief Medical Officer of Jahangirnagar University Medical Center, Dr Shamsur Rahman, said, "It is difficult to say exactly how many people were injured. We have six doctors who treated the students. At least 30 people were injured, of which 5 were in critical condition. 4 were hit by a brick on the head, and one suffered injuries to his mouth and teeth. Four seriously injured students have been shifted to Enam Medical in Savar."

Aktaruzzaman Sohel, President of Jahangirnagar University Chhatra League and a resident of Mowlana Bhasani Hall, said, "I was not on the campus all day. Returning from the central conference a while ago, I heard that this incident happened due to a dispute over the football game and the referee's decision.

The university organises sports for the student's mental and physical development. We see sports as a bond of harmony. Such incidents are undesirable."

At 9:30 pm, the university administration, led by the vice-chancellor Professor Dr Nurul Alam, visited the spot. Vice-Chancellor said, "There is no specific organisation involved. This incident started regarding a decision on sports. We are monitoring the situation in the two halls. Now I will go to the hospital to visit the injured. Whatever needs to be done will be done for them." He promised to bear the entire medical expenses of the injured.

Before the incident, in the afternoon, in a match of the inter-hall 'Chancellor's Cup', a dispute arose between the players and supporters of Kamaluddin Hall and Mowlana Bhasani Hall. Over a decision of goal, the argument later turned into a fight.

According to eyewitnesses, the matter was resolved in the central playground in the presence of University Proctor ASM Feroz Ul Hasan, Bhasani Hall Provost Hussain Md Sayem, Provost Committee President Abdullah Hel Kafi, House Tutors of Kamaluddin Hall Asim Chandra Dey and Mridha Md Shibli Noman. The match was declared postponed.

It was assured that the matter would be resolved in the Sports Management Committee meeting. However, in the evening, the students took position in the Bottola area adjacent to the halls and portrayed their fierce. 

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