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Engineers are not into business case competitions: Myth or reality

Photo: IUT Photographic Society
Photo: IUT Photographic Society

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As a country known for its love for engineering and technology, one would think that engineering students would be at the forefront of business case competitions. Yet, it seems they are largely absent from such competitions. Is this a myth or the truth?

The idea that engineers are not interested in business competition is largely a myth. In fact, engineering students are just as capable of competing in business case competitions as students from any other background. 

One common misconception is that engineering courses have long credit hours and are thus too time-consuming to allow for extracurricular activities. 

However, participating in business case competitions can actually be a valuable use of time. It provides an opportunity for students to apply their problem-solving skills in a real-world setting and develop their business acumen.

When we hear the term 'case competition,' our minds often immediately go to business students. However, the world of case competition is not limited to business alone. 

The participation of engineering students in case competitions is often not as high as it should be, despite the skills that they possess. 

Additionally, engineers often have a unique perspective that can be valuable in business case competitions. Their technical expertise can be applied to marketing, production, and other business functions, providing a well-rounded approach to problem-solving.

These extracurricular activities are essential for personal and professional growth and help students develop important skills not always taught in the classroom. Critical thinking, effective communication, problem-solving, and teamwork are valuable in any industry and can significantly enhance a student's career prospects.

Additionally, combining business and engineering knowledge is a potent mix for creating innovative solutions to complex problems. It's no secret that technology plays a critical role in the business world, and engineering students are uniquely positioned to help organisations develop and implement new technologies to help them stay competitive. 

Business case competitions involving engineering students can lead to unique and innovative ideas that are truly disruptive and game-changing.

The benefits of such competitions are not just limited to business students. With their problem-solving skills and technical expertise, engineers can bring a unique perspective to these competitions. 

Cennovation 2023's CennoBIZ is a civil engineering case competition that revolves around the marketing of civil engineering products and welcomes participation from undergraduate students of any background, not just civil engineering students.

Cennobiz is just one segment of the three-round long Cennovation event organised by the Islamic University of Technology. This year's Cennovation event will take place physically on March 10, 2023, and the registration deadline for Cennobiz is February 25, 2023.

But, if business case competitions aren't your thing, don't worry - Cennovation has something for everyone. The event features segments like Poster Presentation, Cenno Maestro, Cine Fest, Cennovation through your eyes, to name a few. With so many opportunities to showcase your skills and talent, all undergraduate students should consider participating in Cennovation 2023.

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