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Fandom-based event spreads colours in BUET

The Grand Pool of Participants. The Grand Pool of Participants.

BUET Brainiacs, a quiz club of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), organised ‘Into The FantasyVerse 2022’ - an event to celebrate the fandom for the five of the most popular fantasy franchises - Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Olympians, Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings and Attack on Titan. 

433 participants registered for more than one segment of the event. A cumulative total of nearly 280 teams were formed for these segments. These participants comprised of all age groups starting from school students as young as seventh-graders to varsity graduates and beyond. 

The Moderator of the organising club, Dr Shoeb Ahmed, expressed his satisfaction regarding the successful completion of the event. 

"I am really delighted seeing my students pulling off such a successful event amidst these tough times. I hope our club can keep on organising these sorts of grand events in the future too."

Percy Jackson Quiz, the first segment of Into the FantasyVerse 2022, had 15 teams participating. Tahseen Zaheen, an eighth-grader from RAJUK Uttara Model College was crowned the champion of this segment. 

The second segment - Lord of the Rings Quiz, saw the participation of around 25 teams. After an engaging hour of quizzing, a team titled ‘Quizzers for Kharais’ became the champion in this segment. 

Potterbrawl has always been the marquee event of BUET Brainiacs and this time, with close to 100 teams participating in Potterbrawl 3.0, the fervour just reached a whole new level. Team ‘Quizzcraft and Quizardy’ consisting of students from BUET and Dhaka University became the champion of this segment. 

The much talked about Game of Thrones Quiz hosted more than 60 teams who fought it out for gaining the throne. Team ‘Quizzers on the Wall’ came out victorious from this segment.

The event ended with the Attack on Titan Quiz. With Otakus from around the city turning up, there were nearly 90 teams participating in this segment and the team ‘Quiz Hammer Titan' ended up being the champion of this segment. 

Being a fandom-based event with participants and spectators putting on their favourite merch, be it their Harry Potter muffler or their AOT jacket or their Game of Thrones tee, the event was full of fun, laughter and lots of colours.

The organisers also kept a FanArt, a FanFic, and a Meme competition which got a huge response. 

A prize pool worth Tk 26 thousand was given to the winners. Professor Dr Shoeb Ahmed, the Moderator of BUET Brainiacs, presided over the Prize Giving Ceremony as the Chief Guest.

BUET Brainiacs, established in February 2015, is the club for all quizzing enthusiasts in BUET. 

Besides arranging quizzes and competitions for the enthusiasts, this club also tries to play its role in fundraising in times of crisis. The club plates its role like a platform that caters to all sorts of interests.

"Whether you are a general knowledge enthusiast, history buff, fantasy nerd, literature lover or sports freak, BUET Brainiacs has got you covered. And that's the best thing about working for this club," said the president of BUET Brainiacs, Maesha M. Aadrita.

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