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Product idea competition on JU campus

| Updated: October 24, 2017 14:23:53

Students queue up for registration for Prodex 2017, a national business competition, at  the  Jahangirnagar University campus. Students queue up for registration for Prodex 2017, a national business competition, at the Jahangirnagar University campus.

'Supersign cables presents Prodex', a business competition, is going to be held on November 11, 2017. Forum of Entrepreneurship and Business, Jahangirnagar University is going to arrange this in its greenary campus.

Prodex is an intense competition where the competitors have to prove themselves through a challenging event set up. Prodex is based on the concept that an idea is capable of shattering the walls of the regular frame and change the way we see a certain thing. It is a battle of the brains where the skills of the young undergrads are tested in order to bring out that idea which will be the next big thing in the market. Here the young minds are encouraged to think like a corporate leader and it is observed if they can come out of a dead-end situation with an idea that can give the company a new hope of rejuvenation.

Prodex actually started its journey in 2016 as an intra-varsity competition in Jahangirnagar University where 33 aspiring team registered but only 15 made it through the first round. After a few days of battle, four teams made it to the final round where one team excelled and took the trophy home.

This year Prodex is coming back but in a much larger dimension. It is going to launch as the first national competition in the history of Jahangirnagar University. Its activation process has already started which encompasses over 35 universities around the country. The main event is going to take place from November 11 to December 15. The registration process ends on November 04. Before that, all teams must register with the fixed registration fee which is Tk 1,000. Each of the teams must consist of three members. It is not necessary that all team members have to belong to the same institute. This means, any qualified person can be added as a member of a team. You can be a student of Fine Arts of Jahangirnagar University and take a student from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology as your partner.

Prodex has four crucial rounds. The first round is 'Idea selection'. This will take place on November 11, 2017. Before this round a workshop will be held where the participants will be given a case based on which they will give their idea of a new product or a new feature or even the idea of an additional service that can be used as a solution in the given case. After the workshop they have to submit their idea within the given deadline. They will be judged based on that. Top teams will compete in the next rounds.

The second round is 'Pitch and presentation'. This will take place on November 18, 2017. Here the teams will present their ideas to the judges. For the first time in a national business competition the participants will be allowed to use both Bangla and English during presentation. As in Prodex the only barrier between being an amateur and being a winner is the capability of thinking of the competitors, not their language.

After the presentation, the better teams will be chosen through careful judgment.

The third round is 'Ad making and product showcase'. This will take place on December 01, 2017. Here the teams have to showcase their products in front of the judges as well as make an ad for their product.

They will be judged based on both of these phases of this round.

Though there is not a specific number of teams that will be eliminated in the first two rounds as all the teams with a good initiative will be given a chance but only four teams can make it to the grand finale AKA 'Battle Royal'. This round will take place on December 15, 2017. This round will come with a twist. But the basic concept is that the teams will present their idea in brief and then point out the flaws in the products proposed by the other teams. They will have to prove with proper logic why their product is superior to the rest. The team that will be able to prove themselves with their logic and skills will be able to take the title of Champions home.

Prodex will not only reward the participants with the opportunity of being the next big thing in the market, it also will provide them with a huge amount of prize money. The champions will take home a prize money of Tk 1,00,000. The first runners-up will take Tk 75,000 and the second runners-up will take Tk 50,000 home with them.

Prodex is a club of eighty members, all of whom are working hard day and night to make it the most successful event of the year. It is the only business and communication club of Jahangirnagar University founded with a motto of encouraging young souls to excel in the field of business.

The writer studies in the first year in Department of Marketing at Jahangirnagar University,
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