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Supply Chain Alliance welcomes fresh committee

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Supply Chain Alliance, a club based in the University of Dhaka, celebrated its committee handover alongside a grand orientation program for its newest members on August 13. The occasion was sumptuously celebrated on the premises of the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka. 

Supply Chain Alliance was established as the first-ever supply chain centric club at DU as well as in Bangladesh. To enlighten and develop students' supply chain related knowledge, the club has taken various initiatives. Their activities range from successfully arranging national case competitions on Supply Chain Management to developing content related to this dynamic. 

Even before celebrating its first anniversary, the club received IPDC Bangladesh Supply Chain Awards in 2020 for the Supply Chain Talent Development category from over 100 nominated organisations and individuals. It is the first-ever club of DU to achieve such a feat this early. This award stands out as a significant milestone for everyone associated with this club and the whole University of Dhaka in this field. 

Supply Chain Alliance's activities have already been acknowledged, widely supported and patronised by prominent supply chain leaders as well as other prominent institutions. Following the club's footsteps, new supply chain centric clubs in other universities have been established as well. After steadily navigating the club through the thick and thin, the club's founding committee passed on its grand responsibility to the new committee members.

The committee-handover program started with an opening speech from Abir Ahmed Rabbi, the club's founding president. He remarked how the overture of Supply Chain Alliance was marked with a dream to connect professionals and learners, where both parties can congregate a shared connection for advancement to diverse extents, and how it has been successful so far. He further implied that the job wasn't done yet, and it fell to the new committee members to continue the legacy's ascension to greater heights. 

The president's speech was followed by speeches from other founding associates. They expressed confidence in the club's leadership and conveyed their high expectations from the members. Afterwards, the founding associates were handed a crest alongside an appreciation letter. This part was succeeded by the provision of appointment letters to the new committee members and the newcomers.

After the formal committee handover, the event was enlivened with exciting game rounds. This segment was followed by a cultural program where the members showcased their talents in the cultural segments. Their mesmerising singing, jubilant dance performance, and insightful discussion kept the enthusiastic audience enthralled throughout the entire program.

The program concluded with a speech from the current president, Nafiz Imtiuz Kaushik, who voiced his determination to steadily stick to the club's current goals to work for the amelioration of the students. He further hinted at the club's plans to expand nationally with some exciting events on the horizon. Supply Chain Alliance intends to continue its astounding growth with the promise to inspire, influence and impact more in the coming days.

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