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Concord offers Xtreme Racing-Go Kart in Fantasy Kingdom  

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Go kart is an innovation of the amusement and entertainment industry in Bangladesh by Concord Entertainment Company Limited, says a press release.

The track is located inside Fantasy Kingdom Complex.

Go Kart is one of the international auto motor racing sports used as the preliminary stage sporting tool for the racers to grow into the bigger racing scene such as- F1, F3 or Nascar racing situated in the outskirts of the capital city Ashulia, Jamgora, Savar.

The most prominent racing stars like Michael Schumacher and Luis Hamilton started their career from Go Karting. And this is the vast scope for sporting opportunity in the global context.

Xtreme racing comprised 22 karts with eight being from the American company (J&J) catering for the mass population and with Honda GX 160 engine targeting a driving experience for children and family groups. The other 14 karts are sourced from a French company (Sodi Kart). It is loaded with Honda GX 270 engines.

Followed by international karts, the track is well equipped by the rubber canvased tires for crush reduction with an international timing system.

They also have an attractive Food Court along with Billiard Play Zone and Visitors’ Gallery.

They have the locker facility and they also provide all accessories which are needed for safety. Moreover, the safety of this track was ensured by a reputed company of Malaysia.

Xtreme Racing-Go Kart organised and already introduced different tournaments like Intra University Karting Tournament, Inter School Karting Tournament, Corporate Tournament, Solo Tournaments, Mobil Karting Tournament, Gulf Karting Tournament or the sequence tournament named (Go Kart Challenge 1.0-5.0).

Xtreme Racing-Go Kart provides a racing membership card for six month with numbers of facilities included. The ride package starts with six minutes to 12 minutes at the price range of Tk 400 to Tk 1,400. Customised packages are also available as per requirements, adds the release.


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