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ACC chief for ostracising corrupt people

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Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Mohammad Moinuddin Abdullah Friday called on everyone to identify the corrupt and ostracise them.

He made the call while standing in a human chain formed in front of the ACC headquarters in the capital's Segunbagicha, marking International Anti-Corruption Day, which is observed globally on December 9 to raise awareness of corruption and of the role of the Convention in combating and preventing it, reports UNB. 

The anti-corruption watchdog chief said: "Once Bangladesh ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Things have changed now. But corruption cannot be rooted out overnight. It will gradually disappear."

Requesting everyone to identify the corrupt, he said: "You know who the corrupt are. Boycott them socially."

International Anti-Corruption Day is being observed in eight divisions, 64 districts and 495 upazilas of the country.

International Anti-Corruption Day seeks to highlight the crucial link between anti-corruption and peace, security, and development. At its core is the notion that tackling this crime is the right and responsibility of everyone, and that only through cooperation and the involvement of every person and institution can we overcome the negative impact of this crime.

States, government officials, civil servants, law enforcement officers, media representatives, the private sector, civil society, academia, the public and youth alike all have a role to play in this.

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