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Bangladesh’s probable population 169.8 million

Post enumeration check of census 2022 by BIDS revealed; BBS primary report earlier stated it as 165 million

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The population size of Bangladesh might be above 169.5 million as per the latest review of the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS).

It was revealed at the Post Enumeration Check of the Population and Housing (PHC) Census 2022 at an event held at the National Economic Council Conference Room of the Planning Ministry in the capital city on Monday.

Earlier, the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)'s primary findings of the PHC 2022, published in July 2022 have claimed the population as above 165 million (165,158,616).

BBS is the concerned state-run authority of the PHC. BIDS was assigned for the census enumeration.

Senior research fellow at the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) Dr Mohammad Yunus delivered the key findings of the post-enumeration check (PEC) of the census.

BIDS's PEC found a 2.75 per cent error rate in the PHC 2022 national coverage.

Considering the 2.75 per cent of the missed population from the census, as per the findings of BIDS, the population might be 169.8 million, said State Minister for Planning Dr. Shamsul Alam.

However, BBS will deliver the final report considering many other factors which could lead a further change in the population number.

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