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Experts recommend adopting virus-resilient village concept in cities

| Updated: May 11, 2021 15:17:03

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Bangladesh could gain a lot through replicating the coronavirus-resilient village (CRV) concept in urban areas, experts suggested during a webinar on Monday.

They said the initiative launched by the Hunger Project in April 2020 has been helping create awareness of the Covid-19 health guideline among villagers.

The campaign is also playing a key role in containing the viral disease from spreading.

The Hunger Project initiated the virtual discussion where healthcare scholars, civil-society activists and media personalities were present.

Dr Badiul Alam Majumder, Global Hunger Project vice-president and Bangladesh country director, said coronavirus has caused a massive health risk among people in the country.

There are two ways to overcome the crisis. One is to improve healthcare facilities and the other is bringing habitual change among people through awareness, according to the expert.

"We need to focus more on these areas to fight out the deadly virus, and the main objective of the initiative is to bring a positive change among people."

Mr Majumder, who moderated the event, said the comprehensive approach to fighting the pandemic in rural areas is operated in four stages.

Firstly, trained volunteers start functioning by forming community mobilisation committee. Secondly, various awareness campaigns are carried out to bring habitual change.

Thirdly, the volunteers help the affected people get healthcare services and lastly providing financial assistance to the people in need.

Terming the CRV an ideal initiative to contain the spread of the virus, Dr Mozaherul Haque said Bangladesh would become a coronavirus-free nation if the initiative becomes successful.

Abu Zamil Faisal said policy-makers need to think of ways to apply the concept in urban areas from where the infection keeps spreading.

"If we can apply it in towns and cities, it can be an example to contain the virus," he commented.

Dr Mahmudur Rahman said the concept requires to be replicated in urban areas to block the source of the deadly disease.

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