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Mirza Fakhrul asks government to publish list of money launderers

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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Sunday demanded that a list of those who syphoned off huge amounts of money abroad and their abettors be made public.

"Our question is, how many PK Halders are there (in the county)? How many such people are there? We have seen (media reports) that they (AL leaders) are indulging in syphoning off the money by plundering thousands of millions of money from the country,” he said.

Speaking at a programme on the occasion of the Buddha Purnima, the BNP leader said their party wants to know how many thousands of millions of money was laundered in this way, reports UNB.

“We also strongly demand the government to make public clearly the way the money was laundered and the names of those who were involved in it and their abettors,”

BNP arranged the programme at its chairperson’s Gulshan office and exchanged greetings with the Buddhist community members, marking Buddha Purnima.

Fakhrul said it is the responsibility of the Anti-Corruption Commission ((ACC) to investigate and expose the incidents of corruption, theft and money laundering.

But, he bemoaned that the ACC has long been only harassing the leaders of BNP and catching some small fries.

The BNP leader called upon the ACC to play a proactive role in catching the big fish those who are associated with the present government and bring them to justice through proper investigation.

He said Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader himself admitted that their party leaders syphoned off a huge amount of money abroad through his recent remarks that those who had laundered thousands of crores of taka would not be given the leadership of the Awami League.

Fakhrul urged people of all walks of life to get united to come out of the current miserable situation of the country and restore all by ousting the present government.

"Let us all work together and wage a united movement to remove this horrible government and establish a truly representative parliament and government through a fair election under a truly non-partisan neutral government,” he said.

BNP senior leaders and the leaders of the Buddhist community from different parts of the country were present at the programme.

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