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PM tells guardians not to run after few famous schools

| Updated: November 29, 2022 08:44:03

PM tells guardians not to run after few famous schools

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday asked the guardians to change the mindset that their children would get no education unless they study in a few reputed schools.

"There are a handful of famous schools. But many of us think that there would be no dignity and some others think that there would be no education unless their children study in these schools. This mentality will have to be changed," she said.

The premier said this while receiving the result summary of this year's Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations at her office here in the city, reports UNB.

Education Minister Dipu Moni handed over the summary of the exam results and related statistics to the prime minister.

Hasina said many noted dignitaries including erudite persons, scientists, civil service officers and leaders in the country came out from district schools. So, such schools should not be neglected, she added.

"It is easy for the good schools to get good results by dealing with good students," she said.

She said the credit should go to those (teachers or and schools) who can make their mediocre students qualified. "They should be given support and rewarded," she added.

The PM stressed the need for paying attention so that the students can get proper education in every school.

This year, more than 20 lakh students took part in SSC and equivalent examinations under 11 boards, including madrasa (Dakhil) and Technical Education.

Of them, 1.6 million were from nine general education boards, 0.27 million under the Madrasa Education Board, and 0.15 million under the Technical Education Board. SSC and equivalent examinations began across the country on September 15.

PM Hasina put emphasis on the modernisation of the education system in order to build skilled manpower for the fourth industrial revolution from now.

"We'll have to upgrade the education system from now on so that we can get skilled manpower when the 4th industrial revolution starts," she said.

Noting that Bangladesh has earned the status of a developing country, she underlined running proper education activities to build a competent manpower to uphold this dignity.

The PM said her government has been creating scopes for a multi-faceted education system to groom the students as worthy citizens of the country. Alleviation of poverty is not possible without education, she added.

She said the literacy rate has now risen to 75 per cent thanks to the initiatives taken by her government taking office in 2009.

"The education has now come under a system," she said, adding there is no longer any arms violence and session jams in the educational institutions including universities like in the past.

Putting importance on vocational and technical training, Hasina said they're promoting the youth to become entrepreneurs and the bosses of their own ventures so they can employ others.

She also highlighted her government's different programmes including free textbook distribution, school feeding, primary school-level stipend, assistance from PM's Trust fund for higher education and research, and establishment of science and technology universities.

The PM said the online education system, which was introduced during the Covid-19 restrictions, should continue to reinforce the knowledge of the students.

She thanked all involved in the SSC and equivalent examinations for publishing the results within 60 days.

Sheikh Hasina congratulated the candidates who passed the exams and wished them success in their future life.

She also asked unsuccessful candidates to try to do better next time. "Those who didn't pass will have to continue their efforts. You will have to study attentively," she added.

The PM also thanked the teachers and guardians for supporting the students during the examinations.

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