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City corporation elections in Dhaka

Rules candidates must obey

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The Election Commission (EC) has chalked out a series of plans to ensure that the city corporation polls are conducted in an orderly manner and has urged the candidates to abide by its electoral code of conduct, reports bdnews24.com.

The commission undertook these measures to ensure discipline and equal rights for every candidate contesting in Dhaka south and north city polls, scheduled to be held on January 30.

Apart from imposing fines or jail terms, the EC can also annul an aspirant’s candidacy in the case of violations of the code.

It was previously declared 13 mayoral aspirants to be valid for city polls. More than 100 application forms for councillor posts have also been declared valid. The poll symbols will be distributed on Jan 10 and the election will be held on Jan 30.

The code of conduct: Key points

  • Equal rights will be provided to all candidates and political parties.
  • The candidates, parties or supporters are not allowed to draw financial assistance from residents of their electoral areas.
  • The candidates will be able to start their campaigns once the poll symbols are allotted.
  • The candidates cannot reside at government circuit houses, bungalows or guesthouses before the polls. They are barred from using government offices or authorities to run election campaigns.
  • Aspirants cannot hold mass rallies or processions. They are only allowed to partake in indoor-only and street-side rallies. They have to take permission from police at least a day before arranging a street-side rally.
  • Posters used for the campaigns have to be in black and white and in stipulated size. Independent candidates, who are not nominated by any political party, will not be allowed to put names of any political party or pictures of any political personality in their posters.
  • Posters must be hung and not posted on walls and vehicles. The use of billboards is prohibited.
  • No animals can be used for campaigns.
  • Mayoral candidates are not allowed to set up more than one campaign camp or office in areas under a police station. The candidates for councillor posts are allowed to build one camp for 30,000 voters but barred from using more than three offices in an electoral area.
  • Mechanical vehicles, including truck, bus, motorcycle, are prohibited during campaigning. The use of helicopters or planes is also illegal.
  • Candidates are not allowed to reserve or use any vehicle to transport voters on the election day.
  • Campaign expenses of councillor aspirants should not exceed Tk six per voter. For the mayor aspirants, it cannot exceed Tk two per voter.
  • Political parties cannot directly take part in the local government elections, but they can support the candidates.


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