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Beware of your smelly shoes during winter

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Have you ever wondered why our feet perspire? Apparently, hot and humid weather can be blamed in most cases; however, many people face this issue more during the winter. There are a few contributing factors that are the cause of smelly feet and shoes.

The prime reason behind your smelly shoes is the bacteria. During winter, people tend to wear warmer footwear, clothing that is insulated. Our feet remain covered in layers of clothing which allows bacteria to thrive. Damp places are the best breeding grounds for bacteria, and shoes during winter are the dampest places.

Another reason behind smelly shoes is temperature change. Whenever we go back inside after walking on the snow or cold ground, our feet work harder to adjust to the change in temperature. In the process, they sweat, making the shoes smelly.

Some effective ways

The primary one, which is also the easiest, is washing your shoes and insoles. If it's not possible to wash the shoes, then at least cleaning them and washing the insoles can keep your shoes from smelling bad. Also, cleaning keeps them fresh. If you use a little amount of disinfectant with cleaning material, then it will keep bacteria from growing.

Another effective way of avoiding smelly shoes is to sprinkle shoes with odour-absorbent powders. The absorbent powders have the power to mask the smell as well as keep shoes dry and reduce fungal growth, thus diminishing bad odour. Baking soda is also effective in this regard.

Storage is an important factor in caring for sandals and shoes all year. Cold and damp places inhibit bacteria and fungi, thus reducing the quality of shoes and making them smelly. Therefore, it is advised to store shoes in a cool and dry place where airflow is enough.

It is called letting the shoes breathe. If they are not allowed to pass air properly, bacteria start growing and smelling up the shoes. However, allowing sufficient airflow can help you avoid all these nuisances.

Drying your shoes between wearings is a good practice. It helps you get rid of the bad odour and keeps your feet away from fungal diseases and infections. Removing the soles and drying the shoe with paper towels helps eliminate bad smell and bacteria.

Taking proper care of your feet is another good option for having odourless shoes. Feet hygiene is important, which we often disregard and overlook. But it is necessary to exfoliate your feet and dry them after wearing shoes for a long period. Also, wearing breathable footwear is part of healthcare. Breathable footwear doesn't allow your feet to be damp, thus ensuring no bacteria is breeding.

These are some effective remedies for smelly shoes. In addition, doctors often advise drinking an adequate amount of water which also helps reduce the smell and the embarrassment that might come along. Above all, maintaining hygiene should be the top priority in fighting any issues like this.

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