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Here's why many people don't upload profile pictures

Photo Courtesy: Nikkei
Photo Courtesy: Nikkei

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Social media is a platform where people share their pictures, thoughts, and happy or sad moments. Pictures are the main attraction and identification for a social media account. 

While some compete over uploading pictures and getting likes, comments, and shares, others cannot care less about uploading pictures. 

Especially many girls don’t put pictures in their accounts. A doll or picture of pretty actresses is common for them; even some keep the picture section empty. These people are frequently asked why they don’t upload their photos. Well, let's try to find out some reasons.

Security issue 

Most people do not upload their pictures for security concerns, as anyone can save them. They can further create fake accounts or blackmail by editing those pictures. Misuse of personal information and pictures is done randomly nowadays. 

Appearance insecurity 

Our society is designed in a way that everyone likes pretty faces, attractive personalities and successful people. The average-looking people feel low about themselves, and the unsuccessful or struggling people do not want to express themselves. As a result, they do not upload their pictures and don’t share anything about their life.

Fear of cyberbullying 

Racism, body shaming, and fat shaming are mainstream on social media. People usually judge others by their looks and do not hesitate to write something disrespectful. So, some people simply don’t upload pictures to avoid all these.


Some people are introverted and don't like to socialise. They do not upload pictures or share anything on social media. They sit quietly and see what other people are up to, sometimes judging people by their activities like ‘Pasher bashar aunty’

Disguised one

Some people maintain additional accounts to execute their guilty pleasures while having a regular account with their real photos and identities; simply, a fake account to stalk crushes, ex/exes or even enemies, and sometimes harass others.

Being conservative

Conservative families don’t like their children to upload pictures on social media. Family restrictions pull some people back from uploading pictures despite having the will. 

‘Live the moment’ ones 

This category focuses on enjoying the moment without clicking pictures. They try to live every moment with no urge to share them and seek attention. They spend little time on social media, have few photos to upload in their gallery, and are often content with appreciating others' pictures.

Formal account 

They just create an account to communicate and join some formal messenger/WhatsApp groups. They have social media accounts for the sake of having them. They are busy with their academic or professional lives, and even highlighting their profiles seem a burden to them.

The bright sides

Well, there are some bright sides to not uploading a picture on your account. Think of it this way - people who know you in person don't need your picture on your profile. And there is little to lose if the unknown people don't see your face. 

Instead, you'll have many things to gain. For instance, you'll feel no urge or burden to frequently click pictures and waste time editing them to upload on your profile.

And when you are not concerned about clicking pictures, you won't feel insecure about your outfits either. And the best part is, there is no chance of getting upset over a bad picture or some bad remarks on your picture on social media if you don't upload them in the first place.

Clicking pictures is completely a personal choice, and so is uploading them. Those who don't upload pictures on social media should, in no way, judge those who upload them. Social media is mostly about leisure time and should remain like that.

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