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NSU student develops eyeglasses for colour blind people

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Imagine flying thousands of feet in your cherished cockpit, manoeuvring swiftly through the fickleness of the daily odysseys of a pilot. Many aspiring pilots have been through these imagination phases, trying hard day and night to fulfil their dreams. But in life, not all dreams become a reality, as some vanish in thick air within a moment.

This is what Md Saifuddin Ahmed, an undergraduate student of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at North South University, had to encounter. Saifuddin Ahmed, who always dreamed of becoming a pilot, faced rejection from different aviation schools and flying school academies as he suffered from colour blindness. This diagnosis came only after participating in the entrance exams.

However, Saifuddin did not hold back, took motivation from this huge setback, and set out to accomplish something for the colour blind and make their lives easier.

Ever since his Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) examination, Saifuddin worked hard for three years on his treasured project of developing a glass for the colour blind that would help them differentiate between actual colours.

Going through a rigorous process of trial and error and trying out different colour codes and filters, Saifuddin eventually got to his highly sought-after product.

Colour blindness is a form of disease that has no effective treatment due to the absence or lack of sufficient red cones in the eye, and thus people suffering from it lag on numerous occasions that could have otherwise opened a window of opportunity for them.

Saifuddin has named his unique glass 'Vibrant'. With the help of surveys conducted on different colour-blind people, the results have been encouraging as these people could successfully differentiate the colours they once thought to be different.

The story of Saifuddin stands out as it portrays a unique example of how to turn your disappointment into your biggest strength and achieve something extraordinary.

'Colour makes your life' - is a motto that Saifuddin believes in and whose ultimate goal is to make life better for all suffering from colour blindness, ensuring no further dreams are broken. He is hopeful that with support from both the government and private organisations, he can make his product available on a mass scale at an affordable price.

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