Career guidance in the post-pandemic era

Mohammed Imrul Hasan | Thursday, 2 December 2021

Presentation PRO organised an Interactive Master Class on ‘Post Pandemic Career Guideline and How to be Future Fit’. This session was held on November 26, featuring Mr Saad Hussain- a people management strategist and HR Manager at Abul Khair Steel.
As the pandemic resets major work trends, human resource (HR) leaders need to rethink workforce and employee planning, management, performance, and experience strategies. And there have been many changes in the working system since the pandemic. Everyone, from students to young professionals, is worried about adapting to this change. So, Presentation PRO had arranged this masterclass for students and young professionals to give guidelines about post-pandemic careers.
Md Nazmul Hasan Shawon, president of Presentation PRO, is thrilled to see the success of the event. He said, "We are aware that we are in a post-pandemic regime. Every industry rolls out process re-engineering to adjust the future. From government to small-scale businesses, we saw the reflection of the post-pandemic notion widely. So, our students, as well as fresh graduates, have to be future fit to embrace the future. That is why we brought a master class on post-pandemic career guidelines and how to be a future fit. We collaborate with highly experienced HR practitioners to deliver a high-quality lecture to our participants."
Ankita Datta, general secretary of Presentation PRO, said, "The idea of the interactive master class was a small initiative to connect an expert with the students who are always open to learning something new. In the previous master class, we tried to provide the students with some career guidelines. Our trainer Saad Hussain discussed briefly the current and future career possibilities and gave a few tips to the audience."

The writer is a third-year student at the Department of Banking and Insurance, University of Chittagong.
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