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England's 'hits' are suddenly all 'misses'

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South Africa are giving England some real hard times. They drew the ODI series, won the T20 series, and the 1st Test of the ongoing series by an innings -- all on English soil. 

Not only South Africa, England are struggling against others as well. They lost the ODI and T20 series against India, the Test and T20 series against Windies, and the Ashes miserably. 

Even after the Test wins against New Zealand and India, England's performance for the past 12 months seems shocking.

For a team dominating everyone in the field with their 'Bazzball' approach, recently termed after their fiery performances in Tests since Brendon Mccullum took charge, these results show an unknown side of England.

Since Morgan took over the captaincy of England's limited version teams, they adopted a fearless approach.

Their execution was brilliant, and it looked like they revolutionised modern cricket to such an extent that they were considered the standard of playing cricket.

England are now also adapting this style in the longer version since Brendon Mccullum became manager. The reason might be Mccullum himself or England struggled to find players to play the traditional manner.

However, it looked like a fantastic tactic when they beat New Zealand 3-0 and also won against India emphatically.

But then South Africa happened, and everyone is criticising it suddenly.

The fact that needs to be remembered is that it is a 'hit or miss' approach. The problem is that it has been hit and hit well for such a long time that everyone missed the 'miss' part. 

Everyone forgot that there is another side to the coin. 

Also, the fact that core players like Jason Roy, Josh Butler, and Moeen Ali are facing a dip in their forms is not helping them hit it well.

Still, they are having their fair share of success. The memory of soring 498 against the Netherlands is still raw. 

The 2015 World Cup campaign of Brendon Mccullum can be a fine example of this. He scored 328 runs in 9 innings with a strike rate of 188.5. He hit 44 fours and 17 sixes. His highest score was 77 against England, for which he took 25 balls only.

While he was instrumental in taking his team to the final, he was bowled out at 0 in the title decider. Hit or miss? 

That's what this approach is all about. You either dominate or get dominated, which is happening with England now. 

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