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Bringing house rent under control

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Dhaka is a mega city with 16 million inhabitants and the population of the city is increasing every day. With increasing population the house rent in the Dhaka is mounting higher day by day and it has become difficult for the fixed income people to afford. Very often the tenants face various kinds of harassment from the house owners' side as they increase the house rent quite frequently and throw the hapless tenants in to the hassle of switching homesteads. The High Court has directed the government to form a commission that will recommend minimum and maximum limits of house rent.  If the directive is implemented, the sufferings of the tenants in Dhaka will come down remarkably. The government should now take immediate steps for proper implementation of the Court's directives. This will help discipline the unruly house owners of the city and remove a long standing problem. The government will also be able to issue necessary orders on the basis of the committee's recommendation and the house owners will have no other choice but to accept the orders of the highest court of the country. I hope the government will soon take necessary steps in this regard. Besides, the government should undertake building of low cost houses or flats for the middle income people and sell those among them with long term instalments so that the burgeoning middle class can have an address of their own in the city and live there peacefully.

Imran Aziz

Niketon, Dhaka

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