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Drug abuse: A social menace

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THE law enforcers often detain small drug peddlers with illegal drugs, but the kingpins remain out of reach. As a result, trading of illegal drug  goes on unabated.
The drug trade is very profitable for the traders around the world paving the way for the birth of countless drug lords, popularly known as mafias.
It is doing us no good and pushing the young generation in particular to the brink of disaster. Once a person becomes a drug addict it is difficult to bring him/her back to normal life.
Alongside enforcing laws of the land in this regard, awareness should be created among the youth who constitutes bulk of the victims, so that they stay away from this death trap.  
It is really surprising that many educated and well-to-do people have the habit of taking drugs regularly. Easy availability is one reason which has helped drug spread so fast and deep in society.
Once a person is addicted, he or she will go to any length to collect drugs and sometimes they do not even hesitate to sell their belongings to procure money for drugs.
Many drug users are under a foolish notion that drugs will give them pleasures which can not be had in any other way. I hope the government will take all possible measures to root out the menace from society and save our future generation form the brink of disaster.

Nadim Javed

Tejgoan, Dhaka

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