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Increasing violence against children

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Everyone was shocked to read about a mother killing her one and half year old son. The mother had a quarrel with her husband and in a fit of rage she killed her son! A few days ago, we heard about a mother killing her two children for some unknown and mysterious reasons. Small children are often becoming victims of bitter marital relations and the number of such incidents is increasing.
During the last year, more than 5,000 children had to face oppression and violence of various kinds. It is an official figure and the actual number is likely to be higher. This is least expected of a civilized society and we must make sure that our children are not subjected to oppression of any kind. The parents are growing increasingly worried about safety of their children. We must create an atmos
We should protect our society from the bad effects of foreign cultures, which do not conform to our religious and social values. Violence against children was an unknown incident even a few decades ago, but now frequency of such occurrences is frightening. If we want to have a civilized society, we must ensure that our children grow up in an environment of love and care.

Mohammed Sohel Hara                                                                  
Bonosree, Dhaka

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