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Lack of green space in Dhaka city

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It is really frustrating that our city does not have enough open space for its citizens. As we step out of our homes, we hardly come across greenery around us. We go out to step in a jungle of concretes. In contrast, we see big cites of the world full of green and open spaces. There the citizens can walk, jog and enjoy their leisure time in open spaces. Sadly, our city has been gradually losing its green patches and we are totally oblivious of it. At least 25 per cent of a city should have greenery, but we only have around 5.0 per cent which is totally inadequate compared to requirement. Probably that is the reason why we see the city temperature rising 2.0 to 3.0 degrees higher than normal temperature.
We should save the greenery that is left and initiate a campaign to increase it so that we can have a better time. It is easily understandable that the number of trees in Dhaka city is not enough to produce a healthy environment. Lack of trees increase the temperature and make a place difficult for living. It is high time we prevented further deforestation and planted new trees so that we could lead a healthy life and reversed the damage we have done so far to our environment.

Sojol Chowdhury
Badda, Dhaka

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