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Let's honour our elders

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There are 15 million people in the country who are above 60 years in age. We have responsibilities towards them. Old age is a time when a person needs more care, attention, and love but unfortunately, many old people are not receiving proper care. Many such senior citizens are living a miserable life due to family negligence or economic problem.
Dhaka city has many old homes and the number of such homes is increasing with the increasing demand. With old age comes various diseases and gradually a person loses strength and the sharpness of mind.
We must not forget sooner or later we all will face the same fate. We owe it to the older people to love and care for them, and to ensure their economic security. Older people have made much sacrifice in their lives and now they deserve to be treated with honour. Elderly women face more negligence and they feel more lonely than men. The older men usually spend their time in religious activities or socialising with peers.
Together we must create a society which is older people-friendly because one day we all will find ourselves on the other side of the fence because it is a universal truth that 'as we sow so we will reap'.
Rumana Sharmeen
Dhaka University

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