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Poor state of our movies

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IT is not long ago that our movies were very popular among the common people and they used to draw huge crowds to cinema halls. There used to be movies that ran for weeks together and the heroes and heroines of those movies were objects of emulation to the young cine-goers. Some popular songs used to be on the lips of young generation for a long time. Sadly, our present-day movies are nothing but blind imitation of Hindi or Tamil movies and as a result, people prefer to watch the original movies on TV rather than taking the trouble of going to cinema halls and watch copied versions of the same. Our movie industry is really in a bad shape and unless something positive is done by the government and every body associated with the movie industry, the film industry is soon going to lose all its glamour and the cinema halls will turn into shopping arcades. Our movie industry needs to work on original stories and music composition so that the audience can watch original stories and musical score in a movie in cinema halls. If we can make good movies with attractive stories and music composition, I am sure, all is not yet lost for our movies. If our movie makers concentrate on making films with original scripts and melodious music, our movie industry shall be able to bounce back and win the hearts of people again.


Mohakhali, Dhaka

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