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Ramadan and prices of essentials

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We know from experience that prices of essentials rise abnormally during Ramadan every year. Unethical hoarding by a group of unscrupulous traders with a bid to create artificial crisis in the market is decidedly the main reason behind such abnormal price hike.

The prices of salt, onion, garlic, ginge, etc. are usually the victims of unlimited greed of the dishonest traders.  In all indications, prices are going to rise further in the coming days.

Every year just before Ramadan the prices of daily necessities register unusual rise and there will be no exception this year also. As a result, the government should sell a number of items in the open market so that the unscrupulous traders cannot create an artificial crisis and prices of those items remain under control.

Life becomes really difficult for the fixed-income people if the prices of essential commodities rise abnormally as it becomes difficult for them to manage their families with their limited income.

Ramadan teaches us to exercise restraint in everything we do. But sadly a section of our society involved in the business of foodstuff has not learnt the lessons of restraint and their unlimited greed for money adds further miseries to the lives of common people.

Windfall profits by hoarding and creating artificial crisis is totally prohibited in our religion, Islam. Islam forbids hoarding of especially food items, as it causes sufferings to the people.

We, the consumers, should be united and raise our voice against these unscrupulous traders who are doing a great disservice to the nation.

Masud Rana



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