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Removal of waste on Eid day  

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The announcement of removing sacrificial animals' refuse from the city dumpsters and dustbins within 24 hours emerged as a reality on the Eid Day. The two city corporations deserve plaudits for making good on their promises. It was seen last year also. By late afternoon, most of the streets and street corners of Dhaka metropolis areas were found without the refuse dumped mindlessly. However, there were faint traces of the rejected animal parts, with faint stenches thickening the surrounding air. In some lanes the foul-smelling garbage was found littered even till the next noon. The supply of bleaching powder seemed scanty.


The irony was that although the dumpsters were replaced by the fresh ones by night, normal household waste materials were found scattered around many dustbins. Removing the rejected animal parts does not imply that the city corporation cleaners will leave the municipal waste dumped to take them later, i.e. after ensuring the city dwellers a metropolis free of rotting animal refuse.

Mohiuddin Ahmed

Elephant Road, Dhaka

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