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Rush at Shishu Park  

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The vital road on the right side of the Shishu Park has lately been causing immense trouble and annoyance to transport operators. On days, especially on weekly and national holidays, the double-lane road becomes literally choked with jaywalkers. The traffic going towards Shahbagh intersection and those coming from the opposite direction are seen stuck in a gridlock around the park. On days, the jam starts from the Motsya Bhaban area. Children with their parents find it highly difficult to cross the two lanes comfortably. Many are found making their way precariously through the narrow gaps found between buses, cars and jumbled-up rickshaws. One can assume the plight of the vehicle drivers in such a situation. In short, the traffic chaos has long become unbearable in areas near Shishu Park.

The amusement spot draws thousands of people of all ages every day. The rush is increasing. Nearly four decades ago when the park opened, the area used to become deserted after dusk. The roads would witness a handful of transports then. All this has changed radically. It cannot be reversed. Many people suggest expansion of the park to the south which might help stop spilling over of the crowds onto the footpaths and roads. Vast swathes of the park bordering the Suhrawardy Udyan appear to remain unused.

Abdus Salam Patwari

Wari, Dhaka



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