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Student volunteer participation in media can boosts freedom of speech

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In recent years, a new generation of young journalists has emerged in Bangladesh, with a surge in student volunteer participation in local newspaper publications. 

This is shaping the future of the media industry and playing a vital role in promoting freedom of speech and democracy in the country.

The trend of students volunteering at newspapers has skyrocketed, providing them with hands-on experience in journalism and the opportunity to express their opinions and perspectives on various social, political, and cultural issues. Their writing allows them to engage with a wider audience, challenge existing narratives, and bring attention to important topics that may otherwise go unnoticed.

In Bangladesh, where freedom of speech and democracy are still developing, the rise of student volunteers in the media is a positive sign for the future. By providing young people with a platform to express their ideas, media organisations are promoting a culture of open dialogue and critical thinking, strengthening the foundations of democracy and promoting a more inclusive and equitable society.

The importance of student volunteer participation in the media cannot be overstated. It offers students the opportunity to gain valuable experience and make their voices heard, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to become effective journalists. This includes writing, editing, research, critical thinking, and clear, concise communication.

Also, student volunteer participation in the media contributes to a more diverse range of perspectives in the industry. In Bangladesh, the media landscape is still dominated by a small group of voices, making the addition of fresh perspectives from student volunteers particularly important. This helps to create a more balanced and representative media landscape, promoting a more informed and engaged citizenry.

In many countries, this fundamental right is not guaranteed, particularly for young people who often face censorship or suppression of their ideas. The rise of student volunteers in the media can create an environment where freedom of speech is valued and protected.

Student volunteer participation in newspaper publications is an important step towards a brighter future for freedom of speech and democracy in Bangladesh. By empowering young people to engage with the world around them and make their voices heard, the foundation for a more open and inclusive society can be built. 

As the country continues to grow and evolve, the next generation of leaders must have the skills and knowledge they need to shape the world they want to see.

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