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Summer and water crisis in Dhaka

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Water crisis is prevailing in many parts of the city and the city dwellers are having a tough and frustrating  time due to load-shedding and water crisis.  Water comes to a designated time and the citizens need to store it for the rest of the day. Often dirty water comes from the tap and it is unusable for drinking and it also creates various kinds of skin problems.
 As the mercury of summer goes up so is the demand of water. During the summer, we utilize water economically, as we know waste not, want not.  Often we keep water tap running when we apply soap during taking shower.  If we use water prudently, we will be able to meet up some of the water shortfall during the harsh summer time.  We see in many places, water is being wasted due to leakage in water pipe.  The water development board should look into this matter and create awareness among the common people so they do not waste water.  

Rahmatullah Sumon

Badda  Dhaka

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