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Doctor uses iPhone 13 Pro camera for eye checkup

| Updated: October 11, 2021 09:44:57

Photo taken from Dr Korn’s Linkedin page Photo taken from Dr Korn’s Linkedin page

Dr Tommy Korn, MD, an ophthalmologist working at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group in San Diego, USA, recently went viral for demonstrating how he uses the new iPhone 13 Pro macro camera to photograph his patients' eyes.

Dr Korn wrote on LinkedIn that he has been taking macro photographs of a patient's eyes with an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

He was delighted by the camera's performance and noted that the iPhone 13 Pro Max may "innovate patient eye care and telemedicine," and he is excited to watch how the technology progresses.

“There is some confusion as to whether the camera is going to replace exams or larger cameras,” he said in an interview with PetaPixel.

“Let’s say you have an eye condition or eye problem. You have to see a doctor and you see them six months later and you ask ‘hey, how does it look compared to last time?’ Do you think the doctor remembers? They cannot remember. They look at notes and verbal descriptions.”

Instead of using it for details, he is just using these images to keep track of his patient’s eye development. “I’m using it for documentation. I have just enough information to know if it’s serious or not,” he clarified.

Apple gadgets assisting healthcare facilities is not a new phenomenon. An elderly man from Madhya Pradesh, India, was saved by the ECG feature on an Apple Watch in October 2020.

The 61-year-old guy was wearing an Apple Watch Series 5 that alerted him to abnormal heartbeats. Following medical examinations, it was discovered that the patient suffers from a serious condition of low ejection fraction, necessitating surgery.

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