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Elon Musk's long-standing vision to integrate A.I. into human brain

| Updated: July 21, 2022 17:22:55

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Elon Musk's objectives for enhancing the human brain are beyond ambitious. But how does he plan to achieve this goal?

The answer is Neuralink. It was started by Musk for looking into the possibilities of interfacing the human brain with computers or A.I. There will be no need for touching, tapping or any kind of contact. The implant will allow us to control devices just by using our thoughts.

Neuralink is all about implanting a chip (N1) in the human brain. To implant it, an 8mm portion of our head must be removed.

The N1, a square chip attached with thin threads, is implanted in the brain. The threads are as small as 1/10th part of human hair. Hence, it is not possible for the doctors to implant it, so a surgical robot is used.

An interesting fact about this whole process is that it is completely reversible. It can be removed and replaced anytime.

Matthew Nagle was the first person ever with spinal cord paralysis to have a brain implant that gave him the ability to operate a computer cursor. Nagle mastered the fundamental movement needed to play Pong in under four days.

So how does the process actually work? The human brain has millions of neurons. They transfer messages through electric signals. When these electric signals are fired, an electromagnetic field is created.

The threads receive signals and send them to the chip. The chip then converts electrical signals into binary code. When we give any info from outside, the chip converts binary code into electric signals and sends it to the neuron.

There are also some really far-fetched possibilities like things as crazy as effective human telepathy where your Neuralink picks up some aspect of your thoughts and transmits them over the Internet and implants them into the other person’s brain.

If it is safe from at least an electromagnetic pulse (emp) or a solar flare, and if it is upgradable or at least compatible with future versions, then its growth in popularity is only a matter of time.

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