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Internet service provider association election on July 6

Internet service provider association election on July 6

The election to form new executive committee of Internet Service Provider Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) will be held on July 6.

Two panels, Team United and Team Catalyst, are vying in the polls for electing 13 members for the committee.

Chief Executive Officer of Amber IT Aminul Hakim, also incumbent ISPAB president, is leading the ‘Team United’ and  ‘Team Catalyst’ is being led by Saiful Islam Siddiqui.

In this context, Aminul Hakim said, “The Team United has been formed with experienced and new members and every candidate is tested to make the ISPAB successful.”

The incumbent committee, led by Aminul Hakim, has been performing duty after the election in 2015.

According to a press release, Aminul Hakim said that the incumbent committee have ensured five per cent VAT for all types of operators of Internet value chain in coordination with the VAT of ISP.

"The organisation also applied for new NTTN license forming a consortium named Songjog Network Limited, which is now under consideration of the government,” he said.

He also informed that the current committee has applied for a new NIX license by forming an ISPAB trust and has taken initiative to include country’s all ISP license holders (nationwide, zonal category A, B and C).

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