Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Nearly 9.0m British jobs could be lost by 2030

Published: January 07, 2019 19:40:51 | Updated: January 09, 2019 13:15:27

Nearly nine million British jobs are at risk from robots, with those working in retail, manufacturing and business support services most at risk, figures reveal.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is expected to see current jobs wiped out across a wide range of sectors as automation becomes cheaper than humans.

In total 8,820,545 posts could be wiped out by 2030, with retail workers at the biggest risk, according to Department for Work and Pensions figures given to reports MailOnline.

They are followed by manufacturing and then business administration and support services, where workers are also at high risk from automation.

But ministers said regions across Britain are taking on the challenge posed by the robots head on by creating jobs which are at lower risk from AI.

British Employment Minister Alok Sharma said, 'Every industrial revolution has eventually resulted in more jobs being created than lost in the economy.

'So whilst jobs which can be automated are currently most at risk from the impact of robots, jobs which require more cognitive and people skills are on the increase.

'This means that our jobs market is absorbing the impact of robots and more people are in work than ever before.

'And as companies look to technology to boost productivity, this can be an opportunity for a generation of workers who, armed with new skills, can enjoy the jobs of the future.

'That is why I am determined to make sure we are investing in retraining opportunities, allowing people to forge new careers.'

The figures lay bare the massive change to Britain's industrial landscape which looms on the horizon thanks to AI.

Workers living in the west London constituency of Hayes and Harlington - which is represented by the Labour MP and shadow chancellor John McDonnell -  are most at risk of losing their jobs

Official figures show that 36,170 posts in the constituency are at risk from the growing use of computer technology and automation.

This is followed by Crawley in west Sussex where 32,486 posts are at risk and then North Warwickshire where 20,504 positions could be wiped out.

The three areas where workers are at the lowest risk of being usurped by robots are Edinburgh South, where just 5,969 posts are deemed to be at high risk.

This is followed by Glasgow North which has the second lowest proportion of jobs at risk from robots, with 7,146 at risk.

And in third place West Derby in Liverpool where 3,766 posts are at high risk - a lower number but higher proportion of posts locally.   

Ministers say that investment in lifelong training and education will help the UK create more jobs than are lost to robots.

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