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Palak advocates for small internet packages to remaining available

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State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, has expressed support for keeping small internet packages available to customers after reviewing them.

He mentioned this in response to journalists’ questions after a courtesy meeting with French Ambassador Marie Masdupuy, at the Secretariat on Monday, reports UNB.

Regarding the dissatisfaction among customers since the imposition of data package limits, Palak said, “I have sat with the BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) Chairman and Commissioners regarding this matter. We are reviewing it. I have asked for a report.

“If we need to increase our data packages from three or if other small packages are useful or popular among people, then I have told them to consider what is preferred or favoured by the customers.”

On September 17 last year, considering customer interests, Minister of Post and Telecommunications Mustafa Jabbar launched new guidelines for mobile phone operators’ data and data-related packages. Then, on October 15, three types of mobile internet packages with different time durations were implemented. Instead of packages of three days, seven days, fifteen days, and thirty days, packages of seven days, thirty days, and unlimited were introduced. At that time, the three-day package was removed. At that time, 40 packages were determined out of numerous packages.

In favour of removing the three-day package, the minister stated that giving 15 GB of data with a three-day validity does not benefit the customer. Mobile operators want to keep the data validity limited for business interests. With numerous packages, people were getting confused, and the new guideline would provide customers with convenience by offering 40 different packages.

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