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Some free to use AI tools that can ease your works

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With ChatGPT, AI is the topic of every discussion nowadays as it is revolutionising the way we work online. However, AI is reaching newer heights every day, and there are tools and apps coming online that can replicate complicated human efforts. 
Here are some free-to-use AI tools that can transform your working process radically.

GFP-GAN – Photo Restoration Tool

Did you ever think you could instantly fix your old or distorted photos without putting much effort and time into Photoshop? If you haven’t, now is the time to explore GFP-GAN or Generative Facial Prior-Generative Adversarial Network. It’s a free AI tool that lets you fix your photos in a flash. Its restoration often seems more realistic than manually done ones. 

GFP-GAN can restore old and faded photos in seconds and replace the missing details with realistic substitutions, creating a good balance between realness and fidelity. Chinese tech company Tencent’s researchers built it by merging two AI models. — Copy Writing Tool is a smart writer that might not replicate human intelligence and cognitive qualities, but it surely can produce high-quality plagiarism-free content. It can be your best assistant in creative writing, editing, ideating, summarising content, etc. The app’s interface and processes are user-friendly. One can simply tell it what to write, for instance, social media posts, blogs, reports, press releases, ads, announcements, etc., and it helps the user with outlines and fine suggestions. – Copywriting Tool

From writing your job description and product description to ad copies, email writing, blogs, website copies, articles, assignments, and even video content, can do it all. The content generated by this smart tool is not only just unique but also creative, reader-friendly and engaging. 

Additionally, can lead your social media promotional campaigns with highly engaging captions and content. The tool is totally free to use. 

JADBio — AutoML

As tech companies are focusing on democratising tech usage more and more, many amazing tools are becoming available for free every day. JADBio is one such smart tool, a very powerful knowledge extraction tool enhanced by machine learning. 

This tool was originally built to serve biotech and multi-omics purposes; however, it can be used for data analysis, building predictive models and some other machine-learning purposes, all for free. 

DALL·E 2 – Image Creator

Developed by open AI, an AI system that can create realistic art and images from given descriptions through natural language processing, this tool can create original and realistic images and even art. It combines attributes, concepts, and styles to create digital images and guesses to generate creative images.

Lumen5 — Video Creator

Among the other mentioned tools, Lumen5 is, perhaps, the most amazing one, as you are getting a skilled video editor online for free! It’s a video-making platform that allows effortless visual production with its user-friendly tools and features. This tool can also generate a whole video sequence with images of the transcript provided by the user. 

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