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Turkish farmer used VR headset to increase milk production

| Updated: January 18, 2022 20:59:46

Turkish farmer used VR headset to increase milk production

If you tell a random cattle farmer who has been very much into farming for many years that making their cows watch different things through Virtual Reality would in turn increase their production of milk, they would certainly laugh you off.

But a farmer from Turkey has applied exactly that and has achieved astonishingly good results as his cows yielded at least 5 more litres of milk.

Izzet Kocack, a farmer from Turkey who has been involved in cattle breeding for quite a long, has combined modern technology with the conventional wisdom of this field and has become largely successful.

According to a report by the British tabloid The Sun, Izzet made good use of VR headsets on two of his cows.

This was done during the winter as the cows were confined in a small space and they had to watch a green pasture using VR which tricked them into believing that it was summer.

As a result, it acted as a huge emotional boost for the cows and they became less stressed due to it.

The headsets were tasted in Russia where it was found that they are fundamentally instrumental in reducing the stress of cattle. Russia's Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed the news.

Referring to a research, the ministry concluded that the environment has a significant role to play when it comes to the overall health of the cows. And the change in the environment can have a severe impact in the production of milk of the cows.

Izzet, at first, was not very assured of this research. He experimented with two of his cows to see the validity of the research.

The experiment proved to be extremely beneficial as according to him, the milk production has increased by as much as 5 litres if not more.

Bangladesh, as a country, has a huge demand for dairy products and new and modern dairy firms are being established more often here.

That said, the country is witnessing a surge in technology and the usage of AI and VR which could be good news for the country’s dairy industry.

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