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Greenhouse’ wickets on cards

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Bangladesh are all set to introduce greenhouse wickets at the National Cricket Academy in Mirpur, said Bangladesh Cricket Board official on Wednesday.

‘We are introducing this type of wickets at the NCA in Mirpur and it’s a big project. It will cover up 20 wickets in total at the North and South areas of the venue. Players can practice at these 20 natural turf wickets during the whole monsoon season. Hopefully, it will be established by this June,” BCB Grounds Committee Chairman Mahbubul Anam told reporters in Mirpur.

“We are working on several projects and you can’t notice it quickly. I think our practice worries and lack of ground problems will be reduced to a large number in the next six months to one year.

“We are now in the buying process. Hopefully, the materials will arrive by April. We may launch it by May-June. If we can use it in this monsoon season, we will understand how much benefit it will provide us…A total of Tk three to 3.5 crore is likely to be spent on this project. The main benefit is we can practice in the heavy monsoon as well,” he added. 

Greenhouse wickets have recently been introduced by New Zealand and Australia so that their players can train without any hassle during the rainy season.

Its a good initiative.

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