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Here's why Lionel Messi is going to win the World Cup 2022

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The Argentina National Team has been in one of the best possible conditions to win this year's World Cup. As this World Cup does not have undisputed favourites like the previous three, the slot is open for each team participating, and it seems that Argentina, with Lionel Messi playing his last ever World Cup, has so far the best chance of clinching the trophy. Let's see why.

There are many factors in play when it comes to predicting a team's chance to win the World Cup. Still, it seems that the odds are completely in favour of Lionel Messi and the team, as their unbeaten run reached 35 in September this year, which is unprecedented.

Lionel Messi is brimming with confidence, as well as his recent form for PSG, which has been excellent, to say the least, and he will be more than determined to win the only trophy that has haunted his footballing career so far. 

Argentina has also put together a balanced squad that does not shy away from pressing aggressively and maintaining the same energy level throughout the 90 minutes. It will help them tremendously against teams like France and Portugal, which have an enviable squad depth. 

Although the absence of Giovani Lo Celso might be a problem, Argentina still has enough depth in the midfield to outclass any potential opposition. 

Argentina also has a solid defensive lineup this time, with Romero and Lisandro being instrumental in their planning. With Emiliano Martinez, they also have a goalkeeper who is really good at his job and with the ball, something they lacked in the previous World Cups.

Lionel Scaloni has been known to be a defensive-minded coach, and so far, it has worked quite well for him. 

Argentina, which abounded in attacking talents in the past but lacked the necessary defence and midfield to be considered absolute favourites, is a thing of the past. This new Argentine team is motivated, hungry, and looking to sacrifice everything for their captain, Lionel Messi. 

EA Sports has predicted Argentina to be the winner of this World Cup, with Lionel Messi bagging both the golden boot as well as the golden ball. 

The last three predictions of EA Sports were correct, and it seems that Lionel Messi and Co. will be extremely determined to correct this one too!

While none of Argentina's biggest obstacles, i.e. the European powerhouses, are in much good shape, fans are hoping to see the coveted title return to Latin America once again; with Brazil too are boasting a good squad, Argentina are the clear favourites to outshine their Latin rivals.

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