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Proposed new rules in football: Will it change the game?

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Football is the number one sport in the world in terms of popularity and participation. For centuries, this game has evolved and changed in many ways. The rules have changed from time to time. 

But recently some new rules were tested and are still under consideration by IFAB (International Football Association Board), the organisation responsible for setting the football rules. These new rules are reportedly set to make the game faster and more interesting.

What are the rules which are going to revolutionalise the game? There are five proposed changes in the rules. These changes might change the fundamentals of the beautiful game. The proposed changes are as follows:

  1. Unlimited substitutions.
  2. Two 30-minute halves with the clock being stopped whenever the ball is out of play.
  3. 5-minute suspension for yellow cards.
  4. Free kicks can be dribbled immediately.
  5. Throw-ins to be kicked by feet.

These are the proposed rules that might set the new flow of world football. 

There are logic and reports in support of these rules and also against them. There are many time-wasting factors in a game like throw-ins, free kicks, goal kicks, substitutions and more. According to the calculations, in the last season's Premier League, an average of 55 minutes of football was played in a game of 90 minutes considering all the stoppages and halts. 

So the logic of IFAB behind two 30-minute halves is that we are getting more football. As the clock is stopped whenever the ball is out of play, there is no question of time-wasting. The game length also shortens as people have to invest less time in watching the whole game. Though many suggest it’s a ploy of FIFA to earn more money, it is the emotion of the fans that come to question. 

Unlimited substitutions came during the pandemic time. But now as everything has gone back to normal, unlimited substitutions might change the whole structure of a team. 

5 minutes suspension for a yellow card is an interesting one. Such a rule would surely go on to reduce the number of fouls, resulting in fewer free kicks and less time-wasting, exactly what the new rules prophecy stands for. 

Lastly, the two rules of free kicks are being dribbled and throw-ins with feet. From ancient times, these rules have been there in the game. 

Including these two would reshape the footballing philosophy largely. Throw-ins would become like free kicks. Directly dribbling the ball in free kicks would make the game odd to many. The game’s dynamics and tactics will all change with these rules.

Whatever changes in future are made to football, it should be for making the game better. Football fans will hope that commercial preferences don’t influence the decisions related to football and will continue to enjoy the beautiful game forever.

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