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Stunting: A sport where your partner is your bike

Stunting: A sport where your partner is your bike

Suddenly letting go off the motorcycle handle bars and standing on top of it while driving or bumping brakes and elevating the back part of the bike off the ground by clutching or using the power of the engine and braking force, to cause the rear wheel to spin, heating the rear tire and producing smoke is called stunt riding. To a normal biker, such activities might seem impossible. But there exists a class of bikers who do not do this out of just hobby, but also out of sheer passion. They have defined and formed a new class of motorcycle riders known as stunt riders.

Although motorcycle stunt riding is not very common in Bangladesh, it is not an unfamiliar concept. It is trending amongst the emerging youngsters. Bike stunt riders can be found in alley ways on late afternoons and in empty streets of, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Hatirjheel, Badda 300 feet roads, Aftabnagar and Bashundhara residential areas. This trend has spread outside of Dhaka as well. This feat of acrobatic maneuvering of the motorcycle is definitely a set of skills. Sometimes stunts are done standing, sometimes lying and other times jumping with a bike. Each stunt has different names, such as Wheelie, Stoppie, Burn Out, Circle, Human Compass etc.

Bike stunting is basically a sport. Like any other game, there are rules for this as well. When done with proper training and safety precautions, bike stunting can be fun. Certified Helmets, gloves, knee guard, elbow guards, riding jackets, boots and body armor are protection tools used in this sport just like that of cricket or any other sport.

Bike stunts in Bangladesh are now more popular than ever, but this is the first time that a reality show has been produced. The budding stunt riders of Bangladesh have come together on a platform to exhibit their skills and learn from professionals to put up an entertaining show for Bangladeshi audience. Pulsar Stunt Mania is a stunt reality show that started from 23rd August on NTV.




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