Survival, Silverware, Supremacy - all at stake ahead of the final match-day of Premier League

| Updated: May 23, 2022 14:55:06

Survival, Silverware, Supremacy - all at stake ahead of the final match-day of Premier League

After two seasons of break, Premier League is back to its usual best. 37 weeks of football were not enough to find a clear champion of England. So, it’s down to the very last day, the very last game of the season. 

Not only the champions but unfinished businesses will be sorted out in the last matchday. Let's take a look at what game week 38 of Premier League season 2021-2022 is holding for the fans.


The two best sides of England, probably the world had the spirit in them to fight till the last breath, Manchester City will host Aston Villa and Liverpool will host Wolves. 

If City wins, they will be crowned as the champions for the 4th time in 5 years. If City drop points and Liverpool wins, they will win their 2nd Premier League title in 3 years. 

If Liverpool ends up with a draw, City would have to lose by 7 goals and Liverpool would need to score at least 5 to be the Champions. The odds are in favour of City but never say never. 

Champions League

Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea have already qualified for the Champions League. The last spot is still up for grabs. After all the drama, suspense and ups and downs, it is the two North London giants to fight it out between them.

 Tottenham couldn’t ask for an easier fixture than Norwich. Although it is an away fixture for them, they are supposed to win against arguably the worst side of the division. 

Arsenal will host Everton, another match which they should win easily given the points table. But it is ‘The Toffees’ who were victorious in their last 3 meetings. So it is not an easy job for them by any means. 

Added to that is the pressure of winning it at any cost. The Gunners have to win their game and hope that Tottenham lose theirs as well. If they draw and Arsenal win, then they would be on par with Tottenham regarding points. But Tottenham’s superior goal difference (+15) will take them all the way.

As of now, its Tottenham’s place to lose in the Champions League

Europa League

There are two spots for Europa League in England. Technically both of them are undecided. 

As previously mentioned, Arsenal and Tottenham will fight between themselves for the remaining Champions League spot. Needless to say, the team with the inferior result tonight will be on their way to Europa League. 

The fight for the remaining Europa League spot will be between Manchester United and West Ham. 

Currently United are two points ahead of West Ham. But their visit to Selhurst Park against Crystal Palace is not supposed to be an easy one.

The same is the case for West Ham. Their trip Brighton are even harder as they have been winless in the last 9 games against the same opposition.

It is a piece of pleasant news for United because if West Ham drop points, then they are automatically qualified for the Europa League. If things go otherwise, then United have to win their game.

Because  in that case, if United draw, they will be on par with ‘The Hammers.’ But their -10 goal difference to West Ham will send them to Conference League.

Relegation: Another tough and interesting contest to decide the fate of two teams in the final matchday is between Leeds and Burnley.

It seems an easier task for Burnley than Leeds. Both the teams are on 35 points. But Burnley have a +20 goal difference, edging over Leeds. That means Leeds have no 2nd option other than winning.

If Leeds lose, Burnley doesn’t need to bother about anything, but they won’t want to take that risk surely. They will look forward to getting their job done. If they win, then Leeds will be relegated regardless of their result.

Burnley's challenge will be to host an in-form Newcastle. Leeds will visit another in-form Brentford side.

Literally, everything is up for grabs in the final game week. This is supposed to be a treat of a night for football lovers.

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