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86pc of investors' complaints resolved through CCAM

| Updated: April 06, 2021 09:18:56

86pc of investors' complaints resolved through CCAM

Around 86 per cent of the investors' complaints so far submitted online have been addressed through the Customer Complaints Address Module (CCAM).

The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) introduced the CCAM September 30, 2019 and since then investors have lodged 685 complaints with the module.

According to the BSEC information, of total complaints, 583 have already been addressed and the remaining 102 complaints are in process to be solved.

The average settlement days of each complaint now has stood at 21 which was 14.3 in March, 2020.

The complaints which are submitted through the CCAM are about non-payment of cash dividend, non-disbursement of stock dividend, non-payment sale proceeds and un-authorised sales of shares.

The complaints regarding delay in settlement of share transactions, margin finance and interest, forced selling and financial losses due to non-transfer of shares are also submitted through the CCAM.

According to the BSEC information, investors lodged 28 complaints with the CCAM in March, 2020 as on Thursday and 11 complaints have already been addressed and the remaining 17 complaints are in process.

In February, 2021, 50 complaints were filed by investors and the BSEC addressed 32 complaints.

53 complaints filed in January, 2021, 38 were addressed and the remaining 15 were in process.

Besides, the securities regulator addressed 39 complaints in December, 2020, 25 in November, 2020, 29 in October, 2020, 44 in September, 2020, 41 in August, 2020, 34 in July, 2020, and 53 in June, 2020.

Using the automated system CCAM available on the BSEC website, investors are able to submit their complaints and receive solutions sitting in any part of the world.

The securities regulator has included all possible stakeholders in their CCAM who deals the customers.

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