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Share prices of five cos rise abnormally

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The share prices of five companies rose abnormally, although there is no undisclosed price sensitive information regarding the hikes.

Following the unusual price increase, the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) recently made queries.

In response to DSE queries, the companies separately informed that there is no undisclosed price sensitive information for recent unusual price hike of shares.

The companies whose share price rose abnormally are Eastern Lubricants, Bangladesh Welding Electrodes, Shinepukur Ceramics, Aman Feed and Bengal Windsor Thermoplastics.

The share prices rose between July 7 and July 18, 2018.

The share price of Eastern Lubricants rose 21 per cent or Tk 285 to close at Tk 1636.1 each in five sessions as of July 18.

On Sunday, the company’s share price declined 4.71 per cent or Tk 75.80 to close at Tk 1548.20 each on the DSE. 

The share price of Bangladesh Welding Electrodes rose 23 per cent or Tk 4.1 to close at Tk 21.90 in sessions as of July 18.

The company’s share price, however, declined 9.60 per cent or Tk 1.9 to close at Tk 17.90 on Sunday.

The share trading of Shinepukur Ceramics close at Tk 19.60 each with a rise of 4.84 per cent or Tk 0.9.

During July 8 to July 18, the company’s share price rose 28 per cent or Tk 4.4 to close at Tk 20 each in eight sessions.

 The share price of Aman Feed rose 40 per cent or Tk 19.70 to close at Tk 68.90 each in 12 sessions as of Sunday.

 The share trading of Bengal Windsor Thermoplastics closed at Tk 43.30 each on Sunday with no change in price.

The company’s share price rose 32 per cent or Tk 10.70 in nine sessions on Sunday.

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