Rupali Insurance approves 10pc dividend

Published: July 09, 2018 10:50:35 | Updated: July 09, 2018 16:02:25

Chairman of Rupali Insurance Company Mostafa Golam Quddus presiding over the 30th annual general meeting (AGM) of the company in the city recently while Management & Financial Consultant M. Azizul Huq and Chief Executive Officer P. K. Roy, FCA were present

The shareholders of Rupali Insurance Company Limited have unanimously approved a dividend of 10 per cent (5.0 per cent cash and 5.0 per cent stock) for the year 2017 as recommended by the board of directors.

The approval came at the 30th annual general meeting (AGM) of the company held at Imperial Convention Centre in the city recently, according to a statement.

Mostafa Golam Quddus, chairman of the company, presided over the meeting. A large number of shareholders were present in the meeting. They congratulated the board of directors as well as the management for their good performance during the year 2017 despite somewhat slow-down in business activities and unhealthy competition in the industry.

The chairman of the company applauded the management of the company for their satisfactory performance during the year 2017. The chairman also thanked the shareholders for their co-operation and counsels in running the company smoothly.

Some of the shareholders present in the AGM highlighted the positive achievement of business during the year and thanked the board of directors and the management. They thanked Chairman Mostafa Golam Quddus and other functionaries including the Management & Financial Consultant M. Azizul Huq, with appreciation for exercising important role in the company and thanked the Chief Executive Officer P. K. ROY, FCA and others for elevating the company to it's present height step by step.

They also suggested some ways and means for further improvement of the performance of the company in future. It was reported that the company earned Tk. 179 million as profit before tax.

Directors Quazi Moniruzzaman, Jinnat Ali Mian, Aftab Ahmed, Fazlutun Nessa, Mostafa Quamrus Sobhan, Abu Hena, Fauzia Quamrun Tania and Tasnia Quamrun Anika alongwith the Management & Financial Consultant M. Azizul Huq, the Chief Ececutive Officer Mr. P. K. Roy, FCA, Company Secretary A. S. M. Rashed and other senior executives of the company were present in meeting.

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