Secondary trading of t-bills, bond declining

FE Online Report | Published: July 11, 2017 14:05:38 | Updated: October 17, 2017 23:23:30


Secondary trading of treasury bills and bonds has been declining gradually for the last few months.

Central bank statistics showed that monthly transaction in secondary trading of the treasury bills and bonds declined to Tk 1.12 billion in May of the current year.

The value was Tk 1.78 billion in April, Tk 2.63 billion in March, and Tk 5.38 billion in February this year.

The secondary trading of the t-bills and bonds has been conducted through primary dealers.

Currently, 20 commercial banks are performing as primary dealers participate directly in the primary auctions.

Other bank and non bank investors can participate in primary auctions and in secondary trading through their nominated primary dealers.

Non-resident individual and institutional investors can also participate in primary and secondary market, but only in treasury bonds.

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